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Terra-Ju Life Sciences is an IP-driven biotech venture with a vision to be a leading patent leader.
Our mission is to extract commercial value in biotech innovations for the benefit of the inventors and the country's economy. Deeply entangled within our business are innovative and inventive cultures that define our corporate values.

For us the "people" or "brains" factor behind the technological advances are far more essential than any other assets. We endeavour to put life and grow your R&D inventions into a valuable entity. We are enthusiastically seeking for partnerships into this exciting & fulfilling journey of discovery.

Main Role & Activities :-
1) Manufacturing
2) Sales & Marketing of Products
3) R&D
4) Commercialization of R&D
5) IPR Consultancy

Our Product :- DeRiPRO™  - A Novel Patent-Pending DNA, RNA & Protein All-in-1 Extraction Kit

DeRiPRO™ 3-In-1 Extraction Kit is a globally patented technology designed specifically to meet the demand of modern molecular biologist in the fast pace “Omic” era. Its capability to extract and purify both DNA and RNA of any types and sizes from different organisms provide an edge over any existing competitors. In addition it is able to soft extract proteins that maintain their capacity to be immunodetected and further purification of tagged protein.

DeRiPRO™ 3-In-1 Extraction Kit provides a fast and easy way to the extraction of the different biomolecules due to its 3 simple steps protocol (more details in Product Handbook). The 15 – 30 minutes process involved only 4 different non-organic solutions. Higher yield can be expected as fewer steps lead to fewer losses. This also let user save on the consumables (pipette’s tips and eppendorf tube due to single change of tube) and eco-friendly as well. It does not involve the usage of column, hence ensuring lower cost.

DeRiPRO™ 3-In-1 Extraction Kit is different from all its competitors as it is flexible in scaling; from extraction of single microorganism colony to liters of liquid cultures or grams of solid samples. Currently available kits in the market are committed to a single size and organism only, thereby limiting usage and flexibility. Inconvenience may arise when a research work involved multiple organism and possible scale up to industrial scale from lab-scale upon success. This would eventually lead to time and financial constrains on the research project.

DeRiPRO™ 3-In-1 Extraction Kit is also suitable for purification up of samples after down stream applications. All recovered biomolecules are of high quality and quantity for further usage in any down stream applications.